2023 SC EPSCoR State Conference


kevin limehouse


Kevin Limehouse is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Charleston County Government. Kevin works directly with staff and leadership to improve the services the County provides to its citizens, cultivates relationships with external partners by developing innovative projects and initiatives that result in community improvements, and researches and develops efficient internal processes. Kevin is especially proud of the partnerships that led to the creation of the Center of Resilience Excellence South Carolina (CORE SC), a NASA-inspired consortium serving the state of South Carolina focusing on creating resilience solutions and bringing a permanent NASA center to the State. Kevin serves as the Program Administrator for CORE SC and manages programs, projects, and partnerships on behalf of the CORE SC board. CORE SC is dedicated to fostering collaboration across all sectors and region. By working together, we can provide the best solutions and opportunities for South Carolina citizens, industries, and educational institutions. CORE SC partners are dedicated to preparing South Carolina for the new space economy. You can learn more about Kevin’s work with CORE SC by visiting coresc.net or contacting him at [email protected]